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Embark Wood Stack Training Blocks Set

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*********PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING - Embark Stack Block Set are made to order and require 3 businesses days to make before shipping**********

Stack Blocks are used by breeders, owners and handlers as a training aid for conformation stacking.  This is a proven method to improve your dog’s confidence and muscle memory.  Embark Wood Dog Stack Training Blocks were designed with breeder and handler input to create an effective, affordable tool that replaces the a heavy stack box.  Using a raised individual foot aid teaches precise placement of each paw as opposed to a bar that dogs can move side to side when using a stack box. They work great on flooring, grooming tables and are also excellent for use while scissoring.

Choose a block size  in which the paw fills the top of the block without splaying over any edge.  If purchasing for a puppy, choose the size for your dog’s expected adult paw size. 

***Note:  the guide below suggests common sizes used for breed selection, we recommend also measuring your dog’s paw for best fit.  Draw a circle around the paw while your dog is bearing its natural weight on paper or cardboard.  Measure the length and width for best fit on the block top.

Embark Wood Stack Training Blocks are available in two wood options. The Premium Line is crafted from solid hardwood cherry with a natural cherry or walnut stain finish. Economy blocks are made from solid hardwood poplar with a charcoal paint finish.  Each block has an anti-slip bottom, grip top and are light and easy to move around while holding when the dog is on them yet are very stable and do not slide or move when in use.  Embark Wood Stack Blocks are compact and much easier to store and travel with vs large, heavy systems.

EMBARK Block Size Chart


1-1/2 inch square stilt

3-1/2 inch square base

Suitable for Toy and small to medium sized Terrier Breeds


3 inch square stilt

4-1/2 inch square base

Suitable for most Herding, Sporting, Working Breeds


4 inch square stilt

5-1/2 inch square base

Suitable for large breeds such as Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Mastiffs


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Embark Wood Stack Training Blocks Set