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Stack Training Blocks Set

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Used by breeders/handlers to help with training for conformation, stack training is a proven method to improve your dogs confidence and get them ring ready.

Our stack training blocks come in two varieties. The premium line are made from the solid hardwood cherry and finished in a natural cherry or walnut stain. While the economy line are made from the solid hardwood poplar and finished in a charcoal paint.

Each set of four has an anti slip bottom, grip top and are light enough to move around while holding when the dog is on them. These result in a solid foundation while being less cumbersome and easier to travel with for training on the go than other larger heavier systems.


Size Chart

1-1/2 inch square stilt
3-1/2 inch square base
Suitable for Toy and Terrier Breeds
3 inch square stilt
4-1/2 inch square base
Suitable for most Herding, Sporting, Working Breeds
4 inch square stilt
5-1/2 inch square base
Suitable for large breeds such as Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Mastiffs



*Blocks are made to order and a 1 week lead time is needed before shipping