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Round Roman

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The word spatula is derived from the Latin word  "Spatha" meaning "flat broad tool or weapon". In fact early forms of the spatula were discovered to have been used by the Ancient Romans. Modern spatulas as we know it have evolved for a number of uses such as mixing, flipping, scraping and spreading. 

My take on the Spatula incorporates the simple yet elegant design of history with the uses of todays spatulas. Ground to a blunt blade edge, the Round Roman Spatula is excellent at safely scraping bowls or pots while the wood provides heat resistance. The large curved edge allow it to conform to the curves of bowls, while the broader surface perfect for mixing.

*All our utensils are finished with a food safe mineral oil. Wipe clean with wet soapy cloth, quick rinse and leave to air dry. DO NOT put into dishwasher or leave submerged in sink.

*Please note that due to variance in natural wood grain and from being handmade, Roman Spatulas may differ slightly in colour, shape or thickness from the ones shown in the photos.